Homemade Menu (6 week rotation)

Week 1: 4-Feb; 18-March; 29-April
Features: Fishy Beany Bake; Lamb Stew; Chicken/Veg Lasagne; Cauliflower/Pea Balti; Sausages]
Week 2: 11-Feb; 25-March
Features: Chicken Goulash; Fishfingers;Spaghetti; Cottage Pie; Sausage Stroganoff]
Week 3: 4-Feb; 18-March; 29-April
Features: Cauliflower/Cheese Potatoes; Turkey Bolognaise; Toad in the Hole; Tuna/Corn Pasta; Chili]
Week 4: 4-Feb; 18-March; 29-April
Features: Fajita Stack; Mince/Onion Pie; Chicken Tikka Masala; Fishfingers; Roast Chicken Dinner]
Week 5: 4-Feb; 18-March; 29-April
Features: Macaroni Bake; Fishcakes; Chicken/Courgette Pasta; Coddle; Indian Style Turkey Minde]
Week 6: 4-Feb; 18-March; 29-April
Features: Sausage Casserole; Curried Chicken; Fishcakes; Farmhouse Mince; Chicken/Leek Pie]

Our Caring Staff


Laura Smith


team-5Senior Manager
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team-5Nursery Nurses;
~ Kelly Coleman
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Our Ethos

You can have confidence that your child receives the best care and nurturing possible at The Carlton.

Our nursery environments foster a sense of community and cooperation with respect for each child, regardless of race, gender or disability.

At the Carlton, we understand the balance between nurturing developing minds and caring for tender spirits. Parents go to work knowing their children are happy, safe and well cared for.

Ages + Stages

Soft Play Centre

Soft Play Centre

Climbing. Sliding. Hiding.
Children are delighted with the soft play centre. Daily play sessions give children a chance to spend some of that boundless energy and enthusiasm.