Since the majority of the meals many children eat through the week will be prepared by us, we aim to provide our children with a varied healthy and nutritious menu.

Our specially designed menus work on a four week rotation, giving our children plenty of opportunities to try new food. We also believe that during meals, we are provided with the time to assist children in developing the attitudes they have towards food and healthy eating.




Snack: Fresh fruit
Lunch: Chicken goulash, roast potatoes and mixed vegetables; Pineapple upside down cake with single cream
Snack: Cheesy garlic bread and salad; Chocolate rasin crispy cakes


Snack: Banana bread
Lunch: Fishfingers, boiled potatoes, peas and sweetcorn with parsley sauce; Sliced peaches and whippy cream
Snack: Open cobs with a choice of fillings; Fresh fruit


Snack: Fresh fruit
Lunch: Italian style spaghetti; Chocolate sponge and chocolate custard
Snack: Cheese and assorted crackers; Fresh fruit


Snack: Pancakes
Lunch: Cottage pie, carrots and seasonal vegetables
Snack: Hash browns and spaghetti; Fresh fruit


Snack: Fresh fruit
Lunch: Sausages stroganoff and rice; Peach flan
Snack: Homemade pizza with selection of toppings; Apple flapjack