Top Tips for Managing Behaviour

A child needs firm behavioural boundaries in order for them to feel secure and grow in confidence.

Here are a few tips for managing young children’s behaviour.

Nurturing Environment
Make sure that your child’s environment is arranged appropriately to suite their needs, have they got a space to play? Are the toys suitable for their age and stage development?

Clear Instructions
Make sure that your child knows what they are supposed to be doing, give clear instructions.

Simple Rules
Help your child to make and keep a few simple rules, for example, tidy up your toys when you have finished playing with them.

Praise Good Behaviour
Look out for good behaviour. Try to praise quickly and consistently ensuring that your child knows what they are bing praised for.

Ignore Bade Behaviour
As far as possible ignore bad behaviour as this may lead to furhter incidents of unwanted behaviour as some children discover that this is a good way of gaining attention from others.

When dealing with your child’s behaviour remember that a host of factors can influence how they react. For example, if your child is tired, hungry, unwell, bored or frightened, this may trigger unwanted behaviour. Events such as a family break up, arrival of a new sibling or change in routine may also be the cause of bad behaviour. If you identify that one of these issues may be the cause of your child’s behavioural outbursts, then look for ways to eliminate the trigger. Can your child’s routine be changed to one which enables them to cope better?If a new sibling is the trigger, this may be because your child is feeling left out. Encourage them to help you with baby or try giving them their own “baby doll” to look after.

What ever issues you are facing it is important that you ask for help if you need it. A lot of parents struggle with their child’s behaviour at some point, talk to other parents. You will most likely find it reassuring to know that you are not alone with the issues you are facing. Your child’s nursery or your health visitor will also be able to offer help, support and advice.

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